Mary was the wife of Robert Blackwell who inherited Pinglesgate House from his cousin John Parsley.It was Robert who changed the name to The Manor House in 1850.Mary Blackwell lived at The Manor House for 58 years until her death in 1910.
Mary was a great benefactor of the village and patron of most of the clubs and institutions in the parish. Mary took particular interest in the welfare of the poor.

When Mary died in 1910 her nephew Samuel Blackwell and wife Elizabeth inherited The Manor House. Samuel Blackwell had been a partner in Cross & Blackwell since 1871 although now handing over the position to his son in 1890.

Two of Samuel and Elizabeth Blackwells sons, Charles and William Gordon, were killed in World War one. In memory of them they gave the village the village club, which remained a club until 2006. It’s now both a club and cafe/bar next to the common. Samuel and Elizabeth were both devastated by the death of their sons. Second Lieutenant Charles Blackwell (4th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers) was wounded at the second battle of Ypres and died in France in 1915. Lieutenant William Gordon Blackwell (8th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers), the younger of the two brothers, was killed in action in the battle of the Somme on 5th October 1916.


Charles Blackwell

William Gordon Blackwell


Nick Blackwell officially reopened the village club now named Blackwells on Saturday 15th July 2006, 84 years after it was first opened as the men’s and women’s club in 1922.
Blackwells is now a popular place for all ages to enjoy a drink, snack or meal everyday of the week.